10 Ways to Love Yourself and Nature

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10 Ways to Love Yourself and Nature

Practicing self-love seems like a radical act these days. Take some inspiration from this list, and take some time to love yourself and nature. You and Mother Earth SO deserve it!

1. Take a break and go outside for 10 minutes. Take it all in. Breathe deeply, focus on something beautiful, feel your feet on the ground.

2. Use a pretty reusable bag when you go to the store.

3. Go for a hike on a local trail and turn your phone off while you’re doing it. Repeat this walking meditation from Thich Nhat Hanh:

I take refuge in Mother Earth.
Every breath, every step
manifests our love.
Every breath brings happiness.
Every step brings happiness.
I see the whole cosmos in the earth.

4. Use a reusable water bottle and decorate it with stickers that bring you joy.

5. Stare up at a starry night sky.

6.Donate to an environmental organization that works to protect and conserve, such as Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation.

7. Create a nature journal and use it to draw or write about what you see when you’re outside. Be sure to include affirmations and quotes that speak to you.

8. Volunteer with a local environmental organization. Polk County Conservation has lots of great opportunities!

9. Treat yourself to a Wander Women Iowa camping adventure.

10. Take time everyday to tell yourself and Mother Nature that you deserve and are worthy of love, appreciation, and respect.