I am the founder of Wander Women. I started Wander Women because as a busy mother of two I appreciate how important it is for us to connect to nature. Nature has been such a healing force in my life and I want to share that with you! I’m also very proud of the badass team of Wander Women guides who share this sentiment.

I’m a born and raised Iowan, and proud of it! I believe in the healing powers of nature and a circle of women. I love the forest floor and the smell of earth worms. I care deeply about protecting and conserving our lands and waters. I geek out over trip planning.

I’m the sustainability coordinator at DMACC Urban Campus, and I have worked as an environmental educator in a variety of settings. I have a degree in environmental studies and anthropology from Iowa State University.

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Hi! I'm an Iowa native, a graduate of the University of Northern Iowa and a craft beer enthusiast. I like to hike, kayak, play soccer, travel, read and go to live music shows. I live in Des Moines with my boyfriend, Johnny, and my dog, Lola. My scent is campfire, and my spirit animal is a red tailed hawk.

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I’m a big believer in work hard and play hard, and I’m one of the lucky few who can claim they get to play while at work! I a graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in wildlife management and interpretation. I have been a naturalist (environmental educator) throughout Iowa for more than 10 years and currently work for Story County Conservation. I live in Ames, Iowa, where I share my home with my spouse, 15-year-old stepson, and 10-year-old niece who I foster. We also have two dogs and a very grumpy hedgehog.

I’m very passionate about anything outdoors, but I most love teaching and continuing to learn about wild edible foraging, medicinal plants, wilderness survival, and geology/fossils. I have guided many trips, including kayaking/canoe trips down many Iowa rivers, caving adventures, geode-hunting excursions, and backpacking trips through the Rocky and Porcupine mountains.



I was raised in Iowa City but did most of my growing up on the trails of Lake MacBride State Park, a secluded natural oasis from big city life. There I saw my first owl, built many a campfire, and learned to appreciate the value and benefits of protected outdoor spaces. Today, I work at Trees Forever, and as a bike mechanic at the Des Moines Bicycle Collective. I spend most of my time day dreaming up illustrious trips to national parks, riding my bike, snoozing inside my tent, or navigating a canoe. It’s a good life.



I’m an Iowa native, but I’ve lived in 6 states. I recently moved back to Iowa after several years living in Colorado, where I spent most weekends hiking, camping, and skiing in the mountains. Living out there deepened my love of the outdoors, and I’m excited to share that with others. I grew up very much a city kid, and only fell in love with outdoor adventures as an adult. My adventure partner is my 10 year old lab, Sammie. He loves the outdoors more than I do! He’s hiked many mountains, slept under the stars and in the back of my car with me many nights, and makes friends wherever he goes. He’s slowing down a bit, but he’s still up for a few more adventures. Someday I would like to convert a sprinter van to live in and just travel around experiencing our great big playground.



I am a born and raised Iowa farm girl, who truly fell in love with nature and the great outdoors as a little girl. From running around on the farm all day “exploring” and catching the beautiful countryside sunsets to star-gazing on the roof (sorry mom) and camping on the Mississippi, being outdoors was my “happy place,” even as a kid. Today this love of the outdoors has developed into so much more because I get to share this love and appreciation with my family. I currently reside in Urbandale, Iowa, with my adventure-loving husband and two children.

My passion in life is to teach and inspire others to be the best version of themselves. When I am not helping others reach their nutrition and wellness goals you can find me out for a long run on the local trails, hiking, or any kind of outdoor adventure with my family. I also love getting lost in a good book, attending local music festivals and concerts with my husband, and cheering on the Iowa State Cyclones!



I’m a full-time in-home daycare provider and a freelance Iowa landscape and family portrait photographer who wholly believes the children of today are the keys to a more naturing and nurturing world of tomorrow.

Before deciding to open two businesses alongside my current husband and partner of 10 years, I spent several years as a paralegal and administrative assistant for a law firm while raising three small children on my own.

Running two small businesses and raising three teens keeps me extremely busy, but being out in nature has become the therapy and hobby of my choice. Whether I’m out camping with my family, walking with my Turtle Tots, out on a photography adventure with my husband, relishing the passenger seat on an epic road-trip with friends
or family, running a trail while training for a half-marathon, or out hauling a kayak or yoga mat looking for that perfect place to catch a sunset, you’re likely to find me outdoors at least once
a day.