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Science has demonstrated for years that nature has healing and restorative properties for the mind and the body. However, many of us do not need science to confirm this effect. It is quite common for people to report feeling rejuvenated and refreshed after even the most basic of experiences being in nature. While all Wander Women trips are inherently aimed at the holistic notion of restoration and rejuvenation through connection with nature, this trip will emphasize the mental health, well-being, and mood boosting powers of nature even more. Both poets and scientists alike have commented on the notion of nature immersion as a “coming home” experience for our modern human lives. This trip will weave the idea of this homecoming and reconnecting through our time together. Amanda Hardy, a local licensed mental health counselor (LMHC) and enthusiastic nature-therapy proponent, will co-host this Wander Woman retreat. 

This trip is for you if:

  • You are looking to learn about and experience nature therapy

  • Have a specific mental health concern you want to work on or have been feeling “stuck” on

  • Ready and willing to share your healing journey with Wander Women guides and a circle of other women

  • Prepared to engage and “lean in” to the emotional challenges that can often accompany therapy

On this trip we will be staying in the beautiful Yurts located in the woods of Pammel State Park in Madison County Iowa. This trip is all-inclusive, meaning we provide everything for you besides personal items.

Space is limited to 12 women in order to create an intimate and safe space for participants.

About Pammel State Park

From MyCountyParks.com

Pammel Park was originally one of the first State Parks in Iowa (dedicated in 1928), Pammel Park has been managed by the Madison County Conservation Board since 1989. Pammel is noted for its natural woodland beauty highlighted by its signature limestone ridge known as the “backbone”. Pammel is home to numerous botanical treasurers that include a lush diversity of woodland vegetation from wildflowers and native plants to the best quality Walnut stands in central Iowa. Some of the oldest recorded Oak trees anywhere in the State grow from the craggy surfaces of the “backbone”. All this natural beauty is graced with the meandering flow of Middle River. This 350 acre park, with carefully planned development, is quickly becoming the destination park of the Madison County park system. 

Pammel State Park is located 50 miles southwest of Des Moines, Iowa



  • Arrive to Pammel State Park at 5:00 and get situated in our yurts

  • Indulge in a delicious dinner. You relax while we take care of everything

  • Session 1: Establishing our Circle; Introduction to Nature as Therapy

    Creating a safe space is essential and foundational to the work we’ll do during our time together. We’ll take time during this initial session to introduce ourselves and set our intentions for our time together. This is a time to create our circle of safety and support and root ourselves in the work on the weekend. Ritual and ceremony will be use to initiate our time together and throughout the weekend. This is a way to set aside and hold our time sacred. During this initial session we will also dive into nature therapy and lay the groundwork for the ways in which we’ll access nature AS therapy during our time together.

  • Relax! Enjoy some snacks (gourmet s’mores!), and conversations around the campfire. Then crawl into your tent for some well-deserved rest.


  • Enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee or tea while we cook a healthy and filling breakfast for you to enjoy.

  • Session 2: Forest Therapy Hike

    Shinrin-Yoku is a Japanese term that means to “bathe in the forest.” Simply put it means to be in nature and take in the atmosphere of the natural world. This concept, “Forest Bathing,” has been studied in Japan since the late 1970s and has spread throughout the world. Shinrin-Yoku is considered a core element of Japanese medicine. On this hike you’ll have the opportunity to simply be present in nature and take the restorative and healing power it provides. This hike is guided and will include intentional therapeutic experiences throughout.

  • Picnic Lunch

  • Session 3: Sense of Wonder

    The dictionary defines awe as, “a feeling of reverential respect mixed with fear or wonder.” Developing a sense of wonder about the natural world provides a never-ending source of awe. A deep and genuine appreciation and gratitude for our interconnectedness to one another and to our world reminds us we are not alone on our journeys.

  • Down time at the campsite. You can read a book, journal, take a nap, or take another hike — it’s up to you!

  • Indulge in a delicious dinner, complete with dessert. You relax while we take care of everything.

  • Campfire Connection Circle

  • Relax! Enjoy some snacks (gourmet s’mores!), and conversations around the campfire. Then crawl into your tent for some well-deserved rest.


  • Enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee or tea while we cook a healthy and filling breakfast for you to enjoy.

  • Session 4: Preparing for the Hikes Ahead

    This closing session will focus on crystallizing the lessons from the forest and preparing to face the inevitable future challenges (in the woods and in life). We’ll address ways to bring nature and it’s healing benefits into our everyday lives as well as set intentions about forging our paths.

  • Morning hike to reflect on our weekend and ground ourselves

  • Closing circle




  • Delicious meals from Friday evening to Sunday morning, including snacks, dessert, and drinks.

  • Park admission and yurt fees

  • Sleeping bags and camp chairs

  • Four group nature therapy sessions led by licensed mental health counselor and nature enthusiast, Dr. Amanda Hardy

  • Guided, hands-on outdoor skills instruction and facilitation from our experienced guides.

  • Membership in our private Facebook group and exclusive access to Wander Women day hikes, happy hours, and other special events.

  • A 10% lifetime discount on future Wander Women trips.

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Nature Therapy Yurt Retreat

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