In the event of participant cancellations, Wander Women Iowa cannot issue cash refunds; instead we offer vouchers to be put toward future trips.

Should you decide to cancel your trip for ANY reason, including unforeseen illness or injury, we offer trip vouchers at the following rates:

21+ days prior to trip departure date: 75% of investment (excluding non-refundable deposit) issued as a voucher.

8–20 days prior to trip departure date: 50% of investment (excluding non-refundable deposit) issued as a voucher.

0–7 days prior to trip departure: 25% of investment (excluding non-refundable deposit) issued as a voucher.

Every participant is required to acknowledge that they have read and accept our cancellation policy at the time of registration. As such, there will be no exceptions made. All participants will be held to the terms of this policy.


In addition to altering itineraries, Wander Women Iowa reserves the right to cancel any trip due to insufficient registration or unforeseen circumstances (such as closures due to weather, etc. or unforeseen illness or injury of the guides).

If Wander Women Iowa cancels a trip, you will receive a full cash refund of your payment to us specific to the canceled trip.

Wander Women Iowa is NOT responsible for any other expenses incurred by participants, including without limitation airfare or lodging, in the event of a trip cancellation.

In the event of insufficient registration, Wander Women Iowa may cancel trips up to 7 days before a trip is scheduled to begin. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, Wander Women Iowa will make every effort to timely notify participants of cancellations but reserves the right to cancel up to the day of the event.  


Wander Women Iowa does not issue refunds or vouchers after a trip has already been completed.


We're dedicated to removing as many barriers as we can that often prevent women from getting outdoors, including financial barriers! We're able to keep our trips low in cost by having a strict cancellation policy and by asking participants to accept responsibility if they need to cancel their trip for any reason (yep, this includes all the rotten unforeseen things that might happen to us humans!). The alternative is increasing our prices to cover any potential loss from a cancellation, meaning our trips may become financially impractical for many women, which is quite the opposite of Wander Women Iowa’s mission! So while our policy may seem strict, please know that it exists in the interest of all past, current, and future Wander Women Iowa — including YOU!

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